Chamoy Gummy Bears

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12 FLAVOR GUMMY BEAR infused with RefiSnack’s original secret recipe.


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Our gummy bears take a delectable dive into a world of sweet and tangy indulgence, creating a taste experience that’s truly one of a kind. Our carefully crafted chamoy adds a zesty, mouthwatering twist to the familiar gummy bear delight. With our dedication to quality, we ensure that every bite bursts with the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and savory chamoy goodness. Explore this unique fusion of flavors right here on our website and elevate your snacking game with our gummy bears infused in our homemade chamoy.

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  1. Marcella

    This is the only way I can eat gummy bears! I’m not a big fan of plain gummy bears but with the chamoy added on them just takes them to another level! 🔥

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