Refi’s Famous Chamoy Rim Paste

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RefiSnacks Original Chamoy Rim Paste – Tamarindo based. Perfect for mixed drinks, micheledas, fruits or any of your dipping needs 😉 This item is #VeganFriendly and WON’T drip down your cup or beer! 


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Introducing “REFI RIM” – a delightful twist on the classic rim paste that’s sure to elevate your beverage experience! Our homemade chamoy is crafted with real fruit, our unique blend of spices, and authentic tamarind, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite. Whether you’re indulging in a cold beer, a classic cocktail, or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, Refi Rim’s versatility knows no bounds. Simply apply REFI RIM Chamoy Paste to the rim of your cup to take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

Chamoy dip without the drip

What sets us apart? No messy dripping! Enjoy a mess-free and flavor-packed upgrade to your drinks with REFI RIM. It’s the perfect way to add a zesty and unforgettable kick to your favorite beverages.

The thicker texture ensures that the paste adheres to the rim perfectly, allowing you to enjoy every sip without any unwanted surprises.

Dip Your Fruit!

The Refi Rim Chamoy paste also makes for a delicious fruit dip. Goes good with lots of fruits but we especially enjoy it with apples or with mangos. What is your favorite?

How to apply the Refi Rim Chamoy Paste to your cup

Let’s dive into the process of applying this paste to your favorite drink.

  1. To start the Refi Rim magic, grab a spoon and give the paste a good mix. This will help warm it up and make it easier to apply.
  2. Now, grab a dry cup. Dryness is the key here. The chamoy rim paste will stick to any plastic, glass, or ceramic cups. We prefer glass at home and clear plastic cups when the situation requires a disposable cup.
  3. Hold your cup upside down and dip it straight down into the sauce.
  4. Swirl the cup a little on your way up. Use the sides of the Refi Rim paste container to even out the sauce on the cup as you swirl.
  5. Pour your favorite drink into the cup.
  6. ENJOY!

Need a visual to see how its done? Watch this video:

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Weight12 oz

Regular (12oz), Family Size (half gallon), Party Size (gallon)

1 review for Refi’s Famous Chamoy Rim Paste

  1. Sabria

    Refi’s Famous Rim Paste is one of one! I had never been a big chamoy person but after tasting these delicious, health conscious delights, I have a whole new perspective and love for these treats. My favorite way to enjoy my favorite Refi’s Famous Rim Paste is with their amazing fresh watermelon Agua Fresca! The combination hits the spot every time!!

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